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The Midnight Panther. A fanfiction based off the hit show Smallville.

Main CharactersEdit

Addison Anna Queen

The Midnight Panther

Oliver Queen

Green Arrow

Clark Kent

Lois Lane

Chloe Sullivan

Tess Mercer

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Addison was born on June 4th 1987 in a small town in Kansas called Smallville. In 1989 when she was three years old a meteor shower rained down upon Smallville killing her mother and father. After a few years of living with her best friend Chole Sullivan, Addison moved to Star City to live with her aunt. When she turned 18 years old a friend of hers named Anna invited her to a party at Star City's Town Hall where she met the mayor Oliver Queen. Soon their relationship grew like wildfire and on the night they were leaving for Metropolis Oliver proposed to her. On their way to Metropolis from Smallville Oliver and Addison were in a car accidnet Addison fell into a como for 6th months when she awoke she was no longer just Addison she was now The Midnight Panther.


Addison's personality is in some ways like Lois and Chloe. Like Lois she is very competitve, persistent, has a fiery temper and is very head strong. She is als independent, intelligent, curious and impulsive.

Appearance and InterestsEdit

Addison is tall and leggy as well as very athletic and strong (she was on the soccer and track team all throughout high school) She has long brunette hair and piercing green emerald eyes that are naturally dark. Her interests include soccer, running, martial arts, painting/drawing, writing, and horse back riding.

Career and SkillsEdit

Addison is a reporter like Lois and Clark at The Daily Planet. Her many skills include having a keen sense of finding out the truth and being quick on her feet. She never backs down from a fight and can make even the most powerful business man crack under pressure.


Addison is married to Oliver Queen.


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